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Claim Guidance

Before filing a claim, consider the following.

Talk to Tutopia Insurance

Insurance companies can report claim inquisitive calls as an actual claim. This can increase your premiums.

The easiest defense against this is to know your coverages and your deductible amounts.

Unsure about your coverage or deductible? Call Tutopia! 

When NOT to file a claim

  • When the damage sustained is due to wear and tear or considered maintenance 
  • When the total cost of repair is below or barely over the deductible
  • When another party is liable or at fault for the damages

When & How to File a claim?

  • Extensive damage has occurred to your asset
  • Automobile accidents that involve an injury, personal liability, or severe damage to another vehicle or party


If you experience the above, call your insurance company immediately. Their direct number can be found on your declarations page, on their direct website, or on their mobile app.

Many carriers have a dedicated department for claims that operates 24/7. 

After You Open your claim... us so that we also know what is going on.

If outside of our office hours, our team will reach out the next business day.